Educator Resources for Mathematics
Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month presents an opportunity for educators to utilize new resources to increase understanding and appreciation of math and statistics. ISBE content area specialists have shared a variety of materials on the Classrooms in Action math webpageThis video shows some of the Classrooms in Action math resources. ISBE’s Model Math Curriculum has moved from Live Binder to the Illinois Open Education Resource Library. For materials introducing educators to new teaching strategies, check out onlineIMPACT’s online professional learning workshops. Subscribe to the ISBE Math Listserv to receive the latest math information and updates.

Using Fingers to Help With Math  Contrary to trending negative attitudes about the use of fingers in math, recent neuroscience research has found that students actually benefit from using their fingers in math. Children need a visual representation for math processes and this Atlantic article provides a few strategies for teachers to use to improve those finger skills (Boaler and Chen).

Child Care  The Hill reports that President Trump continues to pledge a plan for affordable child care, but others in his administration are hesitant on pushing forward given what happened in Congress on health care reform . Vox assesses how the president’s child care plan would affect families most in need.

Special Education  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that school districts must provide an Individualized Education Program that is “reasonably calculated to enable a child to make progress appropriate in light of the child’s circumstances” in a unanimous decision that is seen as a victory for special education advocates. Politico reports on the ruling and its potential consequences and SCOTUSBlog provided analysis.

Students Reveal Five Things They Love About Their Institution’s CBE Programs  Competency-based education (CBE) offers tons of potential for both students and faculty–and while faculty are sometimes hesitant to redesign courses, the majority of students embrace the opportunity to accelerate learning and meet career goals. (eCampus News, April 14)

Kids Are Better Readers Than They Were More Than a Decade Ago  First graders nowadays are better readers than they were more than a decade ago, evidence, researchers said, kids are learning in kindergarten what they used to in first grade. (USA Today, April 13)