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Philosophy colloquium with Daniel Breyer, April 13

Philosophy Professor Daniel Breyer of Illinois State University will speak at a colloquium titled “Taking Responsibility While Refusing To Blame.”

The colloquium is hosted by Illinois State’s Department of Philosophy.

When: 5:15 p.m. Thursday, April 13
Where: 401A Stevenson Hall

Here is what Breyer will discuss:

Free will skeptics argue that human freedom is so fragile that no one is sufficiently free to qualify as morally responsible. By contrast, optimists argue that moral responsibility plays such a central role in our lives that we cannot afford to abandon it. Free will skeptics emphasize the fragility of freedom, while optimists emphasize the importance of responsibility. This talk will briefly sketch a novel theory of freedom and responsibility that attempts to capture what is most compelling about both skepticism and optimism. The talk will focus on explaining how we can take genuine responsibility for our actions, while refusing to blame.