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Exhibit raising awareness of sexual and intimate partner violence

image of a piece from an exhibit on sexual assault and violence

A piece from the upcoming exhibit on sexual assault and violence. There are 84 pins stuck into this frog. Each pin represents a death that occurred related to domestic violence in Illinois from 2013-2014. The black pins represent the children that died because of domestic violence during that year.

A new exhibit at Illinois State University’s Milner Library views violence through the eyes of a child.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To help raise awareness, students in Department of Criminal Justice Sciences Professor Shelly Clevenger’s class on victimology were asked to create a piece of art relating to this issue using a child’s toy.

The exhibit, which runs from March 25-April 20 on the main floor of the library, aims to create a dialogue within the community about sexual and intimate partner violence.

“The pieces the students created expresses a fact about sexual assault, intimate partner, or family violence—its victims, their pain or suffering and/or prevention,” said Clevenger. “Many incidents of sexual violence occur within the context of an intimate partner or familial relationships.”

A closing reception will be at 5 p.m. Thursday, April 20 at Milner, with students commenting on their work.

With each art piece, students included a brief factual statement about the subject they are portraying, which will appear alongside the item in the display.

For additional information, contact Clevenger at (309) 438-1068.

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