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Ready to be an Illinois principal?

Principal preparation

Erika Hunt, of Illinois State’s Center for the Study of Education Policy, and Mary Kay Scharf, of Bloomington School District 87, presented April 1 to a meeting of statewide school service personnel organizations on House Bill 2898.

CSEP has taken a neutral position on the bill but used the meeting with student service personnel organization representatives to seek their assistance with educating their members on what to expect from Illinois’ new P–12 principal endorsement programs. To assist with this, a document was created by Scharf; Michaela Fray, of the Quincy Public Schools; Carol Webb, of Western Illinois University; and Paty Huizar, of the Greeley Center for Catholic School Effectiveness to help teachers and student personnel interested in pursuing a principal preparation program with knowing what to look for and what questions to ask when selecting a program.