Have you recently found an internship or a job, or been accepted into graduate school? If so, the Career Center wants to hear about it!

There is so much to be proud of at Illinois State University: a 73 percent graduation rate, new alumni starting salaries of over $45,000, outstanding academic programs, and so much more! Because the Career Center’s mission is to assist Illinois State students with developing, evaluating, and implementing their career decisions, what it is most proud of is the outstanding talent produced at the University and helping Redbirds achieve career success.

That’s why the Career Center wants to hear your career success story. Simply complete the STATE your Success online form providing a few details about your experience. Once received, the department will review your information. Stories will be selected from time-to-time by Illinois State to serve as examples of Redbird success. If yours is chosen, you will be contacted for more details about your success.

Help Illinois State continue to spread the red. STATE your Success today so we can inform other Redbirds on how, with hard work and their Redbird experience, they too, can achieve career success!