Carolyn Hunt, Thomas Crumpler, and Lora Handsfield, all COE, published “‘Do you want an idea of what they’re doing?’ Transgressive data generation and analysis within a bilingual writers workshop” in the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

Jean Sawyer, CSD, published “The effects of parent-focused slow relaxed speech intervention on articulation rate, response time latency, and fluency in preschool children who stutter” in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.

Suejung Han and Jeffrey Kahn, PSY, were two of the authors of “Distress Disclosure and Psychological Functioning Amid Taiwanese Nationals and European Americans: The Moderating Roles of Mindfulness and Nationality” for the Journal of Counseling Psychology. Kahn also co-authored “The Role of Distress Disclosure Tendencies in the Experience and Expression of Laboratory-Induced Sadness” for the Journal of Individual Differences.

Michael Dougherty, SOC, published the article, “Can Mining Produce Development in Central America?” in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

Bill Koehler, MUS, published biomechanics research studies on the “Effect of Electromyographic Feedback on Bowing Technique,” “Technological Directions in Music Education,” and “Physiological Mapping of Bowing: Six Case Studies” included in major textbooks: The Science and Psychology of Music Performance, Oxford University Press; The Biology of Musical Performance, Scarecrow Press; and The Engineering of Sport, Taylor and Francis.

Kerri Milita, POL, co-authored “Helicopter Parenting and the Policy Attitudes of College Students” for PS: Political Science & Politics and “Rhetorical Strategies in Congressional Elections” for Electoral Studies.

Jim Cunningham and Joe Zumalt, both of Milner, presented “Citations Only in Your IR: The End of the IR as We Know It or the Shape of Things to Come?” at the Southern Miss Institutional Repository Conference in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on April 13.

Ani Yazedjian, FCS, delivered the keynote presentation entitled, Employing an Ecological Lens in the Development of a Relationship Education Program Targeting Vulnerable Youth, at the annual meeting of the Illinois Council on Family Relations. She also gave an invited presentation entitled, Reflections on Excellence in Administration: Leadership in the 21st Century, at the joint meeting of the Board on Human Sciences/Council of Administrators in Family and Consumer Sciences, Alexandria, Virginia.

Craig McLauchlan, CHE, presented “Versatile Vanadium:  From Materials to Biology” at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.