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Small changes, big impact: Sustainability at the Student Fitness Center

Solar Panel Picnic Table

Make an effort to be more sustainable. Start by trying our solar powered recharging stations.

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising resources for future generations. At the Student Fitness Center, we are making efforts to improve your experience with this ideal in mind.

Campus Recreation has replaced lighting throughout the facility to a new sustainable LED option that will reduce energy consumption and operating costs by up to 80 percent. The new lighting is fully recyclable, and has no mercury or other hazardous material. These LED lights are “cool beam,” meaning they do not emit ultraviolet or infrared light, and they operate at cooler temperatures to extend the lamp life.

The Office of Sustainability partnered with Campus Recreation to place sustainable picnic tables in front of the Student Fitness Center. Made from recycled materials, these tables are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible for all to enjoy. They are able to capture and store electricity through their solar panels and provide outlets that can be used as a power source day or night.

The Student Fitness Center was one of the first facilities on campus to install water bottle filling stations. We have a total of nine stations installed throughout the facility. Since their implementation, nearly 4.5 million bottles have been refilled.

Campus Recreation has purchased new Sun Cruz bikes for the Reggie Ride Program that are more durable to keep up with the high demand of this sustainable travel program. Since implementation of the program in Spring 2014 these bikes have been rented nearly 8,000 times, providing a great way to get around campus and beyond.

Campus Recreation consistently researches equipment that is environmentally friendly and will be beneficial to the health of our members. Currently, there are two Woodway Curves in the facility. These treadmills are self-powered, requiring zero electricity. The user is the motor! The unique curved design of these treadmills also offers a challenge for the entire body to burn up to 30 percent more calories than any other treadmill. As always, there are a wide variety of exercise options in the facility that are naturally energy-free and powered by our members. For instance, free weights, group fitness classes, and climbing on the wall are all ways to get a great workout without the need for electricity.

Help Campus Recreation, the University, and the world around you by committing to be as sustainable as possible.