The following is a list of recent resources for those focused on the professional improvement of teachers, principals, and other educational leaders.

Sen. Andy Manar Files New School Funding Reform Bill  A new school funding reform plan has been introduced in the Illinois Senate and could get a hearing as early as this week. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Andy Manar, who says the newest proposal incorporates recommendations from a recent Governor’s commission on education funding and represents compromise. (State Journal-Register)

Trump Signs Bills Overturning Obama-Era Education Regulations  President Donald Trump signed bills Monday overturning two Obama-era education regulations, continuing the Republican majority’s effort to undo key pieces of the previous administration’s legacy. (Chicago Tribune, March 27)

New State Education Policy Tracking System  Education Commission of the States is excited to announce the soft launch of our new State Education Policy Tracking system powered by FiscalNote. This improved tracking system allows users to search by topic and subtopic for enacted and vetoed education bills across the country and also to narrow search results by year and state. For more than 20 years, Education Commission of the States’ policy experts have provided concise summaries of legislation—we read the legislation, so you don’t have to. While users can utilize this interactive resource now, Education Commission of the States will continue to update and improve this system to provide users with the most up-to-date information on state education legislation.

Examining SLDS Development and Utility  explores statewide longitudinal data systems, including benefits and obstacles of connecting education data, and provides a comprehensive look at data systems in three states through detailed case studies.

Fighting for Public Education in an Era of Privatization  Measures to create or expand private school choice–vouchers, tuition tax credits, and other funding mechanisms–are being debated on Capitol Hill and in numerous state legislatures. The Learning First Alliance has compiled resources and information for public school advocates in a new School Choice webpage. Recent topics include charter school research, position statements, commentaries, and public school choice success stories.

White House Budget Proposal Undermines Public Education, Discards Nation’s Values  Several LFA member organizations spoke out against the White House proposal to cut $9 billion in funding for public education and the U.S. Department of Education while funding new voucher and school choice programs. Read the statements from the perspectives of teachers, parents, school boards and school leaders.

Seven Reasons Why School Choice ≠ School Reform   School choice can be great for some families and some students.  However, the reality is that just because parents choose schools doesn’t mean that that school will do better for student achievement overall.  While some education reformers are pushing for increased school choice as a way to improve education, the research just doesn’t support this notion, at least not in the current framework.

Training the Trainers Learning to Be a Principal Supervisor While most principal supervisors are former principals themselves, few come to the role with specific training in how to do the job effectively. For this reason, both the Washington, D.C., and Tulsa, Oklahoma, principal supervisor programs include a strong professional development component.

Administrator Evaluation and Compensation, Hanover Research examines research-based standards for principal and administrator evaluations, including an in-depth look at the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leadership (PSEL). Additionally, the report highlights a number of models for administrator compensation, focusing primarily on performance-based compensation.