New freshmen and new transfer students nominated the following Illinois State faculty, staff and students for a 2017 Impact Award. Students are contacted to nominate an individual at Illinois State who has made a difference in their education and academic success.

image of the Impact Awards logoThis award is designed to show appreciation for the impact individual members of the campus community have on our new students and on student retention.


Please join us in congratulating the following individuals for their significant contributions to our students and to first-year retention.

Academic Advisors:

Tamekia Bailey, Sponsored Project Technical Coordinator, University College

Katelynn Clement, Academic Advisor, Agriculture

Vincent Cunningham, Sponsored Project Program Associate, University College

Sarah Dolan, Academic Advisor, School of Teaching and Learning

Ronald Gifford, Assistant to Department Chair, History

Kirk Hines, Academic Advisor, University College

Lindsay Schwend, Academic Advisor, University College

Daniel Stump, Academic Advisor, University College

Sarah Warzecha*, Academic Advisor, University College



Persephone Allee, Sophomore, Geology

Diana Bender, Freshman, School of Social Work

Connor Carson, Sophomore, Elementary Education

Hannah Coleman, Sophomore, Undeclared

Megan Compton, Freshman, School of Theatre

Abtavius Cooks, Freshman, History

Shannon Cotter, Sophomore, Special Education (Resident Assistant)

Courtney Dandridge, Sophomore, Arts Technology

Michael DeBreau, Senior, International Business (Resident Assistant)

Christian Eng, Freshman, History

Julia Gramont, Senior, School of Communication

Shacora Hawkins, Junior, School of Communication

Stephanie Hedgespeth, Junior, English

Melissa Hill, Junior, School of Social Work

May Hudspeth, Junior, Recreation and Park Administration

Jaylon Joyner, Senior, Physical Education

Megan Kapala, Junior, Finance

Zachary Krepps, Sophomore, Physics

Alyssa Lively, Freshman, Special Education

Marie Morgenthaler, Senior, School of Communication (Resident Assistant)

Crystal Rodriguez, Junior, Accountancy

Amber Scarbeary, Sophomore, Recreation and Park Administration

Cara Shapkauski, Sophomore, School of Art (Resident Assistant)

Jackson Stephenson, Sophomore, Molecular and Cellular Biology (Resident Assistant)

Zachary Temple, Junior, Physics

The Women of Alpha Gamma Delta



Stephanie Duquenne, Director, Alumni Relations

Levester “LJ” Johnson, Vice President, Student Affairs

Amanda Papinchock, Coordinator, Violence Prevention, Health Promotion and Wellness

Christa Platt, Coordinator of Academic Services, University College

Jess Ray, University Registrar, University Registrar

Julia Shaffer, Business Administrative Associate, Dean of Students

David Speiser, Coordinator Residence Hall, University Housing



Sally Arnett-Harwick, Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences

Dawn Beichner, Professor, Criminal Justice Sciences

Christina Borders, Associate Professor, Special Education

Heidi Bowman, Instructional Assistant Professor, English

Kevin Boyer, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Tina Brakebill, Instructional Assistant Professor, History

George Byrns, Professor, Health Sciences

Elizabeth Cachey, Graduate Assistant Teaching, English

Sarah Caputo, Graduate Assistant Teaching, Psychology

Kyle Ciani, Associate Professor, History

Lea Cline, Assistant Professor, School of Art

Margaret Creasy, Instructional Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences

Alan Cing*, Instructional Assistant Professor, Finance

Joan Crooks, Instructional Assistant Professor, English

Anthony Crubaugh, Department Chairperson, History

Rebekka Gougis*, Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Roger Day*, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Laura Dickenson, Instructional Assistant Professor, Special Education

Xing Fang, Assistant Professor, Information Technology

Timothy Fredstrom*, Professor, School of Music

Jon Friesen, Professor, Chemistry

Lee Anne Hale*, Lecturer, School of Communication

Jodi Hallsten Lyczak*, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Communication

Suejung Han, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Allison Harris, Assistant Professor, Physics

Corinne Harrison-Malone, Lecturer, Agriculture

Matthew Himley, Associate Professor, Geography

Michele Hutchison, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Margaret Jones, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Lynn Kennell, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mennonite College of Nursing

Larissa Kennedy, Instructional Assistant Professor, History

Olaya Landa-Vialard, Assistant Professor, Special Education

Carrie Lawton, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Terry Lowe, Instructional Assistant Professor, Management and Quantitative Methods

Benjamin Lynn, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication

Adam Mason, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication

Margaret Maxstadt, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication

Thomas McClure, Associate Professor, Legal Studies

Rhonda Nicol, Instructional Assistant Professor, English

Kaley Ozminkowski, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Steven Peters, Professor, Chemistry

Kim Pereira, Professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Iuliia Protopop, Assistant Professor, Agriculture

Tiffany Puckett, Assistant Professor, Politics and Government

Louis Reifschneider, Professor, Technology

Kimberly Rhykerd, Lecturer, Agriculture

Jay Rich, Professor, Accounting

Lisa Rosenthal, Lecturer, Language, Literature, and Culture

David Sanson, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Deborah Seifert, Department Chairperson, Accounting

Gavin Smith*, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Music

Benjamin Stiers, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Music

Derek Story, Director HR Systems, Human Resources

Elisha Swanson, Instructional Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Michiko Thomas, Lecturer, Language, Literature and Culture

Laurie Thompson-Merriman, Professor, College of Fine Arts

Maura Toro-Morn, Professor, Latin America Latin Studies

Elizabeth White, Assistant Professor, School of Teaching and Learning

Anna Marie Wright, Lecturer, School of Communication


*Received more than one nomination

For more information on the Impact Awards, go to the University College website.