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The College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) at Illinois State University is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. This series, CAST 50×50, is designed to highlight 50 faculty, staff, students, alumni, and organizations within CAST that make the college special. These notable people will tell you that every day in CAST is a great day to be a Redbird.

These Engineering Technology (ET) Club students told #CAST50 they are pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology to learn new skills and knowledge in a fun alternative environment outside the classroom.

Tell us about the Engineering Technology Club! What is ET Club’s mission, vision, and values?

ET Club’s mission is to help students pursue a further passion after school and gain a better understanding in the field of engineering technology. We encourage all majors to get involved in interesting projects that push the limits of innovation and technology.

What role does the ET Club play within the Department of Technology?

Aside of the Department of Technology being our “home,” the Department of Technology greatly supports our club. The department pushes us to grow, and in return, we work extensively to represent the Department of Technology in a professional manner.

ET Club president Ray Parker has served from 2015-2017.

What is unique about the ET Club?

ET Club is very hands on, and has a unique flow that includes the opinions and ideas of all members. After the planning and design stages, we divide and conquer, getting our hands on the projects and learning along the way. For students that are unfamiliar with the manufacturing machinery and processes used, we do our best to teach them and get them involved. Each day is an opportunity to learn a new skill or nugget of information that can propel us to future discovery.

What type of leadership positions are in ET Club? Can you tell us who currently holds those positions?

The current leadership positions are president, vice president, treasurer, and project manager. ET Club’s current president is Ray Packer, vice president is Ben Cary, treasurer is Eric Kozikowski, and project managers are Anna Gallagher and Maria Moralez. At the beginning of every spring semester, our current leaders have a meeting to decide who will be replacing them upon graduation. If an officer is not graduating at the end of the semester, they are given the opportunity to either keep their current position or move up the leadership ladder if nobody else wants to run for the same position. If two or more people want to run for the same position, we hold a club vote.

Does ET Club participate in any community related activities? Travel to competitions?

Our club participates in judging the IDEA drafting competition every year that the Department of Technology hosts in Turner Hall. The ET Club travels to various competitions that we participate in. Over the last three years, we have traveled to three robotics competitions that were held in St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Dayton. When our club travels, we cover rental vehicle expenses, hotel, and one team dinner for those members who go to a competition.

ET Club incoming president (2017-2018) Eric Koziwkoski

A new student is considering joining ET Club. What do they need to know?

If a new student is considering joining our club, they need to know that our club meets twice a week in Turner Hall room 169. Throughout Turner Hall and inside the door of room 169, there are flyers with our clubs meeting times and club email. If you have any questions before coming to a club meeting, a new member should contact us via email. We usually respond to an email within a day. When a new member comes to an ET Club meeting, they should expect one of our club officers to give them a general idea as to what projects our club is working on at the moment and to be put to work on a project after they are briefed. One of the most important things a new member needs to know is what you put into the club is what you get out of the club.

What else should we know about ET Club?

Our club’s Facebook page is “ISU Engineering Technology Club.” This is a great way for possible members or customers to contact us if they have any questions. If you are curious as to what kind of projects our club has completed in the past, you can find multiple posts of robots we have built, 3-D printed parts, etc.