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Logan Frederick ’05, a graduate student in the quality management analytics (QMA) program of the Department of Technology, was recognized April 27 at the College of Applied Science and Technology’s (CAST) Spring meeting as the recipient of the 2016–2017 CAST Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher Award in the Project Category.

Frederick, under the advisement of Professor Borinara Park, focused on improving the current health care management practice by applying a discrete event simulation methodology (DES). Using DES, Frederick sought to support the hospital administration in its effort to reduce the overall emergency room staffing costs to make up for reduced revenue. Through his research, Frederick provided a way of simulating variability in hospital operations, which is both practical and creative, to complement the current health care management practice and change the way managers and administrators in hospitals make decisions.

Logan Frederick successfully published the research paper “Modifying Resource Allocation for Transition of Emergency Department (ED) Visits to Urgent Care (UC) Visits” and presented the paper at the 2016 Decision Science Institute (DSI) conference in Austin, Texas, on November 19, 2016. The conference is a premier and major venue in the decision science discipline. So his work is worthy of being recognized for its quality and depth at the master’s level.