The past few years have brought many new or upgraded systems and software to campus. While these changes have brought modern technology with improved features, they’ve often come at the cost of user experience. Popular tools became harder to find; others were lost altogether. The systems may be better, but the digital experience has clearly suffered.

A shared and renewed focus on improving your digital experience.

Recognizing this, faculty, staff, students, advisors, and ISU IT departments have been collaborating to improve your digital experience with our systems—starting with the portal.

One exciting new feature sparked by this renewed collaboration is quick and easy access to student grades in, starting this month for the spring 2017 grade release. That’s just one of many improvements already made (or coming soon) on

  • Single sign-on, eliminating extra logins when accessing different systems.
  • Easy-to-use checklists for important student activities, the return of GPA Estimator, and a user-friendly current class schedule.
  • Ability for faculty to print class rosters, access assigned classes, and submit grades. will also have a new look when the fall semester begins in August, making it easier to access the tools you need to succeed in your classes, your teaching, or your job at Illinois State. The goal is to create a single, easy-to-use web portal for all of us.

These improvements will allow ISU to continue to advance digitally while taking full advantage of the changes of the last few years. Administrative Technologies, the Office of Academic Technologies, and Student Affairs Information Technology teams value the input and feedback of the ISU community.

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