Illinois Birth-to-Third (B3) Grade Continuity Conference

The Illinois Birth-to-Third (B3) Continuity Project is hosted its third annual conference June 14-15, 2017, in Normal, Illinois.

The B3 Conference was open to school districts and community leaders working towards birth-to-third grade alignment strategies in their community. To support this work, the Illinois Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development (OECD), the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), and the Center for the Study of Education Policy (CSEP), hosted this opportunity for community and school leaders to participate in the Illinois Birth Through Third Grade (B-3) Continuity Conference.

This conference was collaboratively planned by CSEP, ISBE and OECD to build the capacity of early childhood and elementary education staff to provide informed leadership about research-based practices to develop an effective system of supports and services for children birth through third grade.

Conference materials have been compiled and posted on the 2017 B-3 Continuity Conference website. To get updates about the Illinois B-3 Continuity Project and other news on education policy subscribe to the Center for the Study of Education Policy’s Exchange Newsletter. You can also email Ashley Long ( to get on the B-3 specific listserv.