Illinois State alum Elliot Worth’s career is off to a quick start, thanks in large part to his experience in the Computer Systems Technology program. Worth now works in the IT department for McLean County, while running his own small business on the side.

Elliot Worth

Illinois State alum Elliot Worth

Worth works as a network support specialist for McLean County. His daily responsibilities including creating new user accounts, setting up printers, copying hard drives, and much more. He didn’t have to wait long to begin his career in his high-demand field, starting the job just five days after his last final exam at Illinois State.

“I applied for the position online while searching for jobs before I graduated,” said Worth. “Craig Nelson, the director of information technologies for the county, called me. We set up an interview and a few days after he offered me the job.”

Worth grew up 30 minutes south of Kankakee in St. Anne. After high school Worth enrolled in the two-year technical college Morrison Institute of Technology. After graduating, he learned of Illinois State’s partnership with the Morrison Institute of Technology.

“The teachers have a passion for technology, and for helping students succeed.” —Elliot Worth

“I was able to transfer in without wasting any credits. I also really liked that the (Computer Systems Technology) program covered everything from basic hardware troubleshooting, network design, and router configuration to programming in C, Java, and Python,” said Worth.

Illinois State’s Computer Systems Technology sequence in the Department of Technology prepares students with the knowledge, communication skills, and management ability to work with computer industry professionals in a variety of industrial and business settings. Graduates are actively recruited for leadership roles.

“The teachers have a passion for technology, and for helping students succeed,” said Worth.

Some of Worth’s best memories at Illinois State involved working with his fellow students and professors with daily upkeep of campus computers—valuable training experience for his future career. Worth was also involved with Encounter campus ministry.

In his free time, Worth manufactures retro video game cleansing cards called 1UP Cards.

The online business sells all the equipment gamers need to upkeep their old gaming cartridges. 1UP Cards safely and effectively clean games so customers can continuing enjoying them for years to come.

He feels he has spent his time wisely and has no regrets about his time at Illinois State. He looks forward to what he will accomplish in the future, but for now, Worth is happy where he is.

“I’ll probably stay at the county for another couple years, if not longer. Set working hours, a low-stress environment, and a pension make a compelling case. Not to mention how many different technologies I get to learn about,” said Worth.

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