The following resources focus on the educational climate and betterment of those serving the K–12 educational community.

Should lessons include dose of neuroscience?  Children who experience adversity may be more likely to experience learning challenges, asserts Pamela Cantor, founder of nonprofit Turnaround for Children. The organization works with schools to use neuroscience to improve outcomes for students.  (NPR)

D.C.-Why Kids Should Be Part of Adult Education  A group of grad students has won national recognition for their solution to a problem that plagues lower-income people across America. (Governing, June 6)

The Value and Promise of Career Technical Education: Findings from a National Survey of Parents and Students The report explores findings from a national survey to better understand parents and students attitudes about CTE, and how we can better “sell” CTE to parents and students.

Career Planning in Middle and High School  Arkansas’ secondary schools in 34 of its 75 counties now employ full-time college and career coaches. Not only do these coaches assist students in defining their postsecondary plans, they help students understand the details involved in making those decisions, such as researching and applying to colleges, and requesting financial aid. The approach is seen as a powerful tool to keep students interested in their studies, help them imagine their futures, and boost their chances of finishing high school and pursuing additional training (Education Week).