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Master’s degree with focus on Spanish brings variety of professional opportunities

An update from Quincy Jenkins, ’09, who graduated with a master’s degree with a focus on Spanish:

image of Quincy Jenkins

Quincy Jenkins ’09

I hold dear my years at Illinois State and I will be forever grateful to the rigorous education I received in my master’s program. Upon graduating, I taught Spanish literature for three years at Spartanburg Community College before transitioning into the private sector as an international consultant. Currently, I am the director of Hispanic-Latino Outreach and International Bridge Programs at Dalton State College. I also work as a contractor with Greater Giving, a company dedicated to helping non-profits thrive across the United States.

Majoring in a world language has opened doors and taken me places that I could have never imagined. Illinois State further solidified my ambitions to pursue my dreams and I regard my experiences and friendships in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures as among the highlights of my life. For anyone considering studying a language, go for it. The work is hard, but if you’re dedicated, doors will open. You’ll go far. ¡Pa’lante!