Inside Higher Ed spoke to Nikki Brauer, Health and Wellness, about the new National College Health Assessment that finds higher ed employees in overall good health.

SELF magazine interviewed David Thomas, KNR, on the pros and cons of a seven-minute workout.

Willy Hunter, CeMaST, described an envisioned 3-D maker space  for the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology.

WGLT discussed Allison Harris,’ CHE, grant-winning research on atomic collisions.

Barbara Ribbens, MQM, was interviewed by the Illinois News Network regarding the impact of proposed border taxes on Illinois.

Ali Riaz talked to Dhaka Courier about China’s New Silk Road Project.

Kristen Lagally, KNR, spoke to the Vitamin Shoppe about the pros and cons of cardio.

Scott Jordan and Eric Wesselmann talked Star Wars.

The Reformatorisch Dagblad newspaper in Amsterdam covered Jonathan Druker’s speech “Forgiveness after Auschwitz?” (In Dutch)