The Administrative/Professional Council selected nine deserving students to receive this year’s A/P Council Scholarship. They include:

  • Emmilene Chambers, student of Jessica Chambers, Horticulture Center
  • Heather Paterson, student of Jan Paterson, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, and Brent Paterson, Office of the President
  • Taylor Lindsey, student of Danielle Lindsey, University Registrar
  • Issac Faamoe, student of Kerri Calvert, Health Promotion and Wellness and Nuusa Faamoe, University College
  • Emily Ramsey, student of Stacy Ramsey, Enrollment Management and Academic Services
  • Jacob Helms, student of Laurie Helms, School of Information Technology
  • Adetayo Adrani, student of Bunmi Adanri, Julia N Visor Academic Center
  • Peris Story, student of Derek Story, Human Resources, and Kara Story, Thomas Metcalf School
  • Emily Killian, student of Katy Killian, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Congratulations to all!

One thought on “2017-2018 A/P Scholarship recipients announced

  1. Anuradha Cherukuri says:

    Congratulations to All !