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Graduate School Series helps undergraduates explore grad school

Students lined up wearing mortarboards

The Career Center's Graduate School Series helps students and alumni considering or thinking about graduate school.

Illinois State University’s Career Center will host the Graduate School Series this fall to assist students and alumni who are considering or planning on attending graduate school.

The series is held at the Career Center in 110P Student Services Building. Participants can choose to attend an individual session or all of them. Workshop sessions include:

“One of the goals of Illinois State’s Career Center is to assist students with their career and educational goals,” said Maureen Roach, Career Center senior assistant director. “The Graduate School Series educates students about graduate school so they have what they need to make a well-informed decision about additional learning and if graduate school is for them.

“Students can also visit the Career Center for additional advice and support anytime during their decision process. After all, when students consider graduate school they’re not just making an educational choice, they’re making a significant investment in their future. And we’re here to help.”

The Career Center supports Illinois State University’s Educating Illinois by assisting students with developing, evaluating and/or implementing career, education and employment decisions.

For more information or special accommodations, contact the Career Center at (309) 438-2200.