After a series of improvements to My.IllinoisState in the spring semester, this summer marked the another wave of updates to the campus portal. Team members from WEB and Interactive Communications and Administrative Technologies have listened to feedback and reviewed user behavior to help provide a better user experience for students, faculty, and staff.

New menu items

Examples of dropdown menus in My.IllinoisState for students and staff

While the names of the menu have changed, we’ve categorized them based on the actions you are trying to take. All of your applicable links for advising, classes, registration, and more can be found in the Academics menu. In addition to the new categories, the dropdown menu (currently only available on large screen devices) provides quick access to the most used links and features. If you are still looking for a link, you can continue to each landing page for more information.

My.IllinoisState knows who you are

The new menus adapt to fit your needs. For example, students and faculty will both see an Academics menu item, but what they see within that menu item is different. You and the person sitting next to you in class, or down the hall in another office, could see entirely different menu choices. We removed unnecessary links to help streamline the user experience.

One home for everything

Highlight of the new quick link menu option in My.IllinoisState

The homepage of My.IllinoisState has been dramatically changed. First, you’ll find a series of quick links to the most popular services like Office 365, ReggieNet, and iPeople. Students will see one series of links, staff another, and faculty a third set.

Your schedule front and center

Example of course schedules in My.IllinoisState

Students and faculty (or staff taking classes) will see their class schedule with links directly to ReggieNet or other resources. Faculty will be able to directly link to class rosters and more straight from the homepage.

The addition of Holds and the To-Do List on the homepage is new in this version of My.IllinoisState. Keep an eye here for timely actions you need to take.

Help build a better My.IllinoisState

While this initial launch is the first step, we have many more to go and your feedback is vital to making this a success. Conversations have already begun with different user groups including student body president Beau Grzanich and secretary of governmental relations Richard Greenfield.

“One of the things I’m most excited about is WEB’s and Administrative Technologies’ stance on bringing students perspective and opinions to their work including My.IllinoisState,” Grzanich stated after the meeting. “Through the various channels of communications, we’re in a better position than ever to create a system that is friendly to everyone, especially students.

Continue to provide feedback¬†on what you like, what you don’t like, features you’d like to see, or general thoughts on My.IllinoisState. You have a voice in making My.IllinoisState the platform for everyone at¬†Illinois State.