At Student Counseling Services, we were saddened to hear about the hate and violence that occurred during the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.  Student Counseling Services condemns violence and all forms of discrimination, including intolerance and hate.  We acknowledge the psychological, emotional and spiritual impact these events have on our students, faculty and staff. Psychological research has shown that prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination can have adverse effects on both the targets and the perpetrators. These effects include heightened vigilance, anger, anxiety, depression and physical symptoms. Discrimination can create a climate of rejection, fear, anxiety and insecurity, for both individuals and the target group as a whole.  We encourage you to seek support in a way that is most beneficial to your own self-care and to support one another.  As always, the staff at SCS is available to meet with any student who may need to talk about their reactions.  Know that we are here to listen with empathy and to provide support to all students in a way that validates your experiences.  During this difficult time, let us continue to affirm Illinois State University’s values of diversity and inclusion.