Engage with the Innovation Consulting Community  (ICC) and work with students from different disciplines across the university to tackle an exciting “real” project from an organization and have an excellent story to share with employers!

There are over 14 projects to choose from and you will not only be mentored through your client project experience but also have the opportunity to take short online P/F modules in high demand areas such as project management, design thinking, and leadership.

Short face to face workshops on cutting edge social media monitoring tools, leadership, creativity, how to consult with a client, and how to professionally present, are also available!

Below are quotes from previous ICC student participants to understand how they benefited!

  • “Working with a real client and the preparation of being able to present twice before our actual presentation was extremely beneficial and provided us with amazing feedback that we utilized (ICC student).”
  • “Working with other majors was helpful because it was a different approach than what you have typically been doing when just confined to your designated program. I think our project was challenging and almost too big to “fix” without changing many things, which isn’t a bad thing, just limited time constraints. It was challenging and not something that had a clear-cut end answer. I think this was one of the more beneficial things about it, and all projects should be done at this level.” (ICC student).
  • “Design thinking. I am so very grateful to have gotten this experience. It is already benefiting me outside of the project.” (ICC student).
  • “My design thinking, research abilities, communication skill and confidence were improved. (ICC student).”
  • “Collaboration. I learned a lot about working with other disciplines.” (ICC student).

An ICC Information Session will be held from 5-6 p.m. September 12, in the State Farm Hall of Business 430

To participate go to the following link and submit your project interest(s) and requested information at the “Get Involved” tab.  http://www.innovationconsulting.community/projects/ 

Questions can be directed to Peter Kaufman, Ph.D. at pkaufma@ilstu.edu.