Virginia Teas Gill, SOA, presented “‘A cancer in your breast is not gonna kill ya’: Addressing the risk of death in surgical consultations for early-stage breast cancer” at the International Pragmatics Association conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Seon-Yoon Chung, MCN, co-authored “Health and the human microbiome: A primer for nurses” for the American Journal of Nursing.

L.J Zigerell, POL, published an article in the Journal of Applied Psychology titled “Potential Publication Bias in the Stereotype Threat Literature: Comment on Nguyen and Ryan (2008).”

Taeok Park, CSD, authored “Laryngeal Closure during Swallowing in Stroke Survivors with Cortical or Subcortical Lesion” in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases.

Timothy D. Lash, CHE, co-authored with graduate students the article “Pyreniporphyrins, Porphyrin Analogues That Incorporate a Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Subunit within the Macrocyclic Framework” for the Journal of Organic Chemistry.

Christopher Hamaker, and Shawn Hitchcock, both CHE, authored “A Mixed Anhydride Approach to the Preparation of Sulfinate Esters and Allylic Sulfones: Trimethylaceitc p-toluenesulfinic Anhydride” with graduate and undergraduate students for the journal Tetrahedron Letters.

Jamie Mahurin Smith, CSD, is one of the authors of a recent publication in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology titled “Does Rare Vocabulary Use Distinguish Giftedness from Typical Development? A Study of School-Age African American Narrators.”