The following is a list of recent resources for those focused on the professional improvement of teachers, principals, and other educational leaders.

2017 National Family and Community Engagement Conference Resources  Download PowerPoints, handouts and other materials shared by conference workshop presenters. These resources discuss Family and Community Engagement best practices and provide examples of successful engagement strategies that are being implemented across the country.

State Information Request: Micro-Credentialing in Teacher Professional Development  This report was put together by staff at ECS in response to a question about micro-credentialing in teacher professional development, specifically state and district approaches, as well as key policy considerations.

State Information Request: Trauma-Informed Schools  Education Commission of the States put out a new report about trauma-informed schools and how states address this topic.

Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems  This Policy Snapshot defines and explores statewide longitudinal data systems, as well as relevant 2016 and 2017 legislation.

In Education Funding, Size Does Matter  This Ed Note blog post comes from Michael Griffith, a school finance strategist, and discusses how school district size relates to per-pupil spending and superintendent costs.

4 Things Districts Can Do to Find (and Keep) Good Principals  Leading a school to better teaching and learning requires a great principal. Unfortunately, finding and training new principals in effective school leadership has been a long-standing challenge for many districts. So it’s good news for districts and states focused on school improvement that six large, urban school districts have shown it is possible—and not expensive—to build principal pipelines that have a mission to produce a steady supply of effective school leaders.

State Education Governance Structures: 2017 update  State education governance structures create a framework for the interplay of authority and accountability – how are directives issued and how is that authority balanced with the responsibility to ensure that directives are appropriately carried out and desired results are achieved? Explore this 50-State Review, State Education Governance Structures: 2017 update, and take a deep dive into the four primary models of the interplay between key education policy leaders: governors, state boards and state chiefs.

2017’s States with the Best & Worst School Systems  Illinois schools are ranked pretty high – 11th in the nation – according to WalletHub, compared the 50 states and DC “across 21 key measures”.

Two-Generation Tools  The Aspen Institute released the 2Gen Tools to Help Families and Children Thrive: A Resource for Staff Implementing Federal, State and Local Government Staff Programs Serving Children and Families to support federal, state and local staff at all levels to embed a two generation approach in funding opportunities, program design, initiatives and priorities as well as technical assistance.

New Teacher Pension Payments Passed To Districts  School districts are due to receive state funds today, but that can’t happen until lawmakers either override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of SB1 or come up with some other plan he will sign. One of his changes could have a big impact on schools hiring new teachers. (NPR Illinois)