A LOT! SEVEN is a DYNAMIC, AMAZING, and FREE participating wellness program providing support for the Illinois State University community in building a healthier you, focusing on seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational.

Why do we do this?

Plato shares his sage advice: “The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” Translated into SEVEN, creating well-being extends beyond nutrition into other dimensions, also impacting our health. The World Health Organization echoes this orientation noting, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” SEVEN’s goal is to help support you in becoming a DYNAMIC and AMAZING powerhouse of well-being. We believe you are worth it and we hope you do too!

Can you tell me more about the SEVEN dimensions?

Absolutely! One of the AMAZING aspects of the SEVEN dimensions are the rich resources and activities you can connect to all around the Illinois State campus and our community at large. Who knew?

Emotional wellness helps you achieve positive self-esteem, satisfying relationships, and resilience to meet life’s challenges. Emotional resources

Environmental well-being includes understanding the impact of your interactions with nature and your personal environment, and taking action to protect the world around you. Environmental resources

Intellectual well-being increases your openness to new ideas and your sense of humor, creativity, and curiosity. Intellectual resources

Physical wellness involves respecting your body’s own uniqueness and diversity, and engaging in practices that move you toward a higher level of health. Physical resources

Social well-being is enhanced by establishing supportive social networks through meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and other significant individuals. Social resources

Spiritual wellness involves developing an inner connection and harmony between you and the wonder, majesty, and mystery of the universe. Spiritual resources

Vocational wellness can be nurtured by matching your core values with interests, hobbies, employment, and volunteer work. Vocational resources

Why make SEVEN a part of your life?

No one can answer this question better than the individuals who have participated in SEVEN.

Here’s our two cents on the matter: SEVEN fosters making you a priority, creating more balance for yourself, and serving as an archaeological dig toward discovering dimensions that enrich your well-being. Doesn’t that sound worth the price of FREE admission?

If you want resources, activities, and information to help you pursue your SEVENESS self, we’ve got you covered. If you need accountability, our logging activities can help you out. If you’re the competitive type, our point building and rewards system is there for you with useful monthly prizes to remind you of a job well done. If you like your name in the limelight, winners are announced on our Health Promotion and Wellness’ Facebook page. Bottom line, wherever you are at, we’re sure SEVEN has something for you!

How can I participate in SEVEN?

There are a couple of ways:

The formal approach: Sign in online and become a participant entering wellness activities on a daily or weekly basis September through April and receive points to earn prizes. Points = Prizes = Winners. Join our soon to be launched participant Facebook community finding mutual support, and further support from SEVEN.

The informal approach: Read our blogs and useful links providing guidance and resources on the SEVEN dimensions of wellness for you to explore on your own. Join in on activities. Check out our events calendar noting activities occurring on campus feeding the SEVEN dimensions of wellness. Get connected to our Health Promotion and Wellness’ Facebook page for tips, valuable information, and more.

More on how the formal approach works:

Log wellness activities online to earn points:

  • Earn a T-shirt for the first 100 points logged.
  • Participants who reach 100 points in a month are entered into prize drawings. For every 100 points earned, additional entries are received. For example: 300 points + 3 entries.
  • Receive a special monthly newsletter with information on monthly challenges.
  • Get information on campus wellness activities.
  • Compete toward end of the year prizes for top point earners. See how last year’s winners excelled by making wellness a priority!

A sampling of qualifying activities:

If you are inspired to formally participate in SEVEN, don’t wait, just make it happen. Who knows, you may have completed one activity today you can immediately log. So, log on, and we look forward to seeing you on SEVEN!

Freebie for you!

In thanks for reading through our introductory blog, which is often the longest to get you up to speed on SEVEN, we figured you deserve to experience your first benefit of the new school year from SEVEN. With the craziness of school starting and keeping yourself fueled with fantastic delicious food, we found our taste buds watering at these recipes. ­­­­­­­­­Enjoy!