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Ethnic Capital in a Japanese Brazilian Commune: Children of Nature
By Nobuko Adachi, associate professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology (Lexington Books, 2017)

Nobuko Adachi studied at a Japanese commune in Brazil, whose inhabitants consider themselves the direct legacy of the “real” Japan. The commune, called Kubo, was founded in the early 1900s. The organizers encouraged the migrants to make a new life in the Brazil hinterlands centered on traditional Japanese farming virtues and cultivating the human spirit. Each chapter of the book explores a theoretical question in anthropology through stories and anecdotes of those living in Kubo.

Benjamin Britten Studies: Essays on an Inexplicit Art
Co-edited by Justin Vickers, assistant professor, School of Music (Boydell Press, 2017)

Justin Vickers, a scholar of 20th-century British composer Benjamin Britten’s life and work, and co-editor Vicki P. Stroeher bring together established authorities and new voices to offer perspectives on previous scholarship and a re-contextualization of previously held beliefs about Britten. The authors disclose an unprecedented amount of previously unpublished primary source materials. The collection considers difficult questions of identity, including Britten’s retreat to America and his re-entry into the British musical scene; addresses sensitive issues of intimacy and Britten’s relationships; and combines closer analysis of Britten’s music.

Supervision in School Psychology: The Developmental, Ecological, Problem-solving Model
Co-authored by Mark Swerdlik, professor, Department of Psychology (Routledge, 2017)

In this textbook, Mark Swerdlik, along with co-author Dennis J. Simon, examines specific factors that contribute to successful supervision in school psychology, including the integration of a developmental process of training, the ecological contexts that impact practice, and evidence-based problem-solving strategies. Written for graduate students, researchers, and professionals in the field of school psychology, this book provides specific and applicable methods and principles for supervisory practice.

Beyond Columbine: School Violence and the Virtual
By Julie A. Webber, professor, Department of Politics and Government (Peter Lang, 2017)

Beyond Columbine covers several American school shooting episodes, including Virginia Tech, 2007, and Northern Illinois, 2008. School-related violence is presented as a dramatic series of events with Columbine as its pilot episode. The book expands on the author’s central premise from her earlier book Failure to Hold, which explores the hidden curriculum of American culture that is rooted in perceived inequality and the shame, rage, and violence that it provokes. The author argues that American culture has immersed itself so thoroughly in a digital world that its violence and responses to violence lack reflection to the point where it confuses data with certainty.

Here are some other recent works by Redbird scholars:

Sipping Coffee @ Carmela’s
By Joe Amato, assistant professor, Department of English (Lit Fest Press, 2016)

Resist Much/Obey Little: Inaugural Poems for the Resistance
Co-edited by Kass Fleisher, professor, Department of English (Spuyten Duyvil, 2017)

No Dictionary of a Living Tongue
By Duriel E. Harris, associate professor, Department of English (Nightboat Books, 2017)

Renaissance Porticoes and Painted Pergolas: Nature and Culture in Early Modern Italy
Natsumi Nonaka, instructional assistant professor, School of Art (Routledge, 2017)

By Melissa Oresky, associate professor, School of Art (Kayrock Screenprinting, 2016)

Terry Adkins: Soldier Shepherd Prophet Martyr: Videos from 1998–2013
By Kendra Paitz, senior curator, University Galleries (University Galleries of Illinois State University, 2017)

New Deal Utopias
By Jason Reblando, instructional assistant professor, School of Art

Fostering Sustained Learning Among Undergraduate Students: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Co-authored by John Rugutt, associate professor, Department of Educational Administration and Foundations (IGI Global, 2017)

Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History (Fourth Edition)
Georgia Tsouvala, associate professor, Department of History (Oxford University Press, 2017)

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