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DACA/international travel advisory

If you are a DACA recipient, you should weigh the benefits and risks of international travel carefully as border agents have wide discretion in determining the admissibility of any person presenting at the border.

Permission to travel internationally (advance parole travel for DACA recipients) is no longer available. If you have a previously approved DACA advance parole application, it will remain valid until it expires. If you have a current DACA permit, and you leave the country with no approved advance parole application, your ability to re-enter the United States at a point of entry may be denied.

If any member of the Illinois State University community has planned or scheduled international travel (study abroad, research, alternative spring break, service trips) that could be impacted by the new DACA restrictions, we advise you to consult with the sponsoring university department immediately or contact Jonathan Rosenthal, associate provost, at jmrosen@Illinois or (309) 438-2157 for further information or referral.

The University is monitoring developments closely and will post further information on this site as it becomes available. For more information visit