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Report on racial disparity for Not In Our Town

Students lined up during presentations.

Students from the Stevenson Center were involved in the study.

The Stevenson Center has released its full report on Bloomington-Normal racial inequality conducted for Not In Our Town. Both secondary data and primary data, including archival material, were used to span the past two decades and evaluate the disparities.

“Some of these inequalities exist within the community, maybe not in different levels here in Bloomington-Normal as compared to other communities in Illinois, but the inequalities still do exist and they are something we need to think about, something we need to do our best to remedy,” said Peace Corps Fellow Doug Gass, a graduate student involved in the study.

The study was conducted during spring 2017. The researchers included 15 undergraduate students in Sociology 300 and 12 students in the Stevenson Center’s interdisciplinary graduate programs (anthropology, applied economics, kinesiology and recreation, political science, and sociology).

Sarah Aten is the Stevenson Center’s public relations intern.