Students are invited to participate in a course featuring a study abroad to the Dominican Republic during the week of spring break.  This 3 credit hour course provides students with an opportunity to place content-specific or major-specific topics in a global context.  Health Promotion and Education faculty Jackie Lanier, in the Department of Health Sciences, will be leading the course.

This course is designed for any student, but specifically for students in applied science programs who do not have the freedom in their plan of study to take a full semester abroad, but would still like the experience of traveling to another country as part of their academic experience.

HSC 270: Global Contexts is being taught over a period of 4 to 6 weeks in the spring semester, with travel taking place over spring break.  Much of the preparatory and follow-up instruction will take place online before and after the travel portion of the course.  Face-to-face instruction will take place on-site during the study abroad.

The students enrolled will receive three hours of credit for HSC 270, but will only pay for two.  Included in the cost of travel are the following:  round trip airfare, accommodations, on-tour transportation, regional-style meals, full-time tour director, expert local guides, guided sightseeing, entrances, and end-to-end support.

A sample itinerary of the 8 days of travel is included below.  For additional information, please visit the website, or contact Lanier at or (309) 438-8285.