As part of the Generation Study Abroad Initiative, the Office of International Studies and Programs has been working diligently to increase student participation in study abroad. This plan is supported by Goal 2 of the Educating Illinois 2013-2018 Plan as well as by Illinois State’s core value of diversity. With this in mind, Study Abroad experiences at ISU are designed to prepare students to excel in a globally competitive, culturally diverse, and changing environment.

The 2016-2017 academic school year saw a 32% increase in participation from the previous year, with a total of 589 students having studied abroad last year. This is up 144 students from the previous academic year. Much of this growth is attributed to expansion of short-term faculty led programming from various departments on campus. OISP would like to thank all of the faculty and staff for their efforts in supporting study abroad opportunities for students.

To learn more about the most recent study abroad trends at Illinois State, visit our participant report.