As you have likely heard, cyber threats and digital security are a big deal. Identity theft can result in a big headache, and sometimes much worse. Illinois State University wants to keep the personal data of its students, faculty and staff secure. As a result, the University has instituted new password requirements. All University Login ID (ULID) accounts are required to complete the account refresh process by September 26 to get their account in compliance with current standards.

Not sure if you have completed the process? Log in to and check the Announcements. If the message “Password Action Required” is present, follow the prompt and take five minutes to refresh your account. We recommend that you complete the process on a desktop or laptop computer while on campus.

On September 26, University Login IDs (ULIDs) that have not gone through the account refresh process will be locked out of Illinois State University Wi-Fi, Illinois State University email, ReggieNet,,, online library resources, and other online services. You will be required to access an Internet browser not on the Illinois State University network in order to regain access to your account.

The process is quick and simple! Don’t let your access slip through your fingers! Refresh your account today!

Be wary of phishing emails that suggest you should click on a link to reset your password! You should log in to and follow the link provided to ensure you going to the correct site. If you have questions or concerns about the authenticity of a message, contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-HELP or