Illinois State University students experience exceptional learning thanks to the hard work of faculty and the staff and graduate assistants who support them. To celebrate this year’s Homecoming theme, “Building a Legacy,” the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology invited faculty and staff to  reflect on two questions: What person, experience, or event inspired you? What legacy are you a part of?

Dozens chose to share their stories, which are the foundation of a display in CTLT’s Resource Commons during Homecoming week, entitled “A Legacy of Excellence in Teaching and Learning.” Faculty and staff identified key figures met on their journey to Illinois State, wrote about inspirational stories of working with students, and highlighted current programs at the University which help students to thrive in their learning. Their quotes adorn the walls and central table of the area, along with a slide show projected on the big screen.

The display also features a book where visitors can share their own legacies. These submissions will be added to CTLT’s archives and shared through social media.

“A Legacy of Excellence in Teaching and Learning” will be in the Resource Commons, located in the Instructional Technology and Development Center at 301 S. Main St., through Friday, October 20. And, as part of CTLT’s own tradition, fresh popcorn is available all week for those who wish to stop by. The Center is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each weekday.

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology supports student learning through a variety of services, including consultations with faculty, professional development workshops and discussion groups, and support using technology like ReggieNet for online and enhanced learning.