Illinois State University’s College of Business (COB) hosted its Early Career Achievement Awards ceremony during Homecoming 2017. Early Career Achievement Awards (ECAA) recognize younger graduates who have demonstrated innovative and responsible professional leadership, the potential for future distinction and a commitment to serving others. One honoree is selected from each degree program.

They return to campus to receive their award and share advice with current students through panel discussions during Homecoming celebrations at Illinois State University.

Early Career Achievement Award winners must show the following characteristics:

  • Graduate from one of the College of Business programs.
  • Exemplary professional capabilities as demonstrated through entrepreneurial success, rapid promotions, industry recognition, or innovative practices leading to measurable outcomes.
  • Demonstrated innovative and responsible professional leadership and the potential for distinction in the long term.
  • Embodies the five core principals outlined in the College of Business Standards of Professional Behavior and Ethical Conduct: responsibility, honesty, respect, fairness, and trust.
  • Shown a substantial commitment to the service of others.
  • Continued his or her professional growth through education or professional credentials.

2017 Early Career Achievement Awards winners

  • James Allendorph  ’08 |  Business Administration
  • Kyle Barber ’09, ’10 | Accountancy, MS in Accountancy
  • John Conrad ’11 | Business Information Systems
  • Casey Emerich (Miller)  ’09 | Business Teacher Education
  • Rosanna Fugate  ’08 | International Business, Marketing
  • Kathryn Henkel-Slade ’03, ’04 | Accountancy, MS in Accountancy
  • Matthew Horschler ’09 |  Finance, Insurance
  • Clyde Miller ’08 | Marketing (Professional Sales)
  • Jeff Riley ’08 | Business Teacher Education
  • Ronnell Robinzine ’09 | Finance
  • Alex Rubin  ’11, ’12 | Finance, MBA
  • Brett Schaefer  ’07 | Accountancy
  • Jon Worthey ’12 | Human Resource Management, Business Teacher Education