On the evening April 26, 2017, 14 undergraduate junior and senior students prepared and disseminated a vocal health education program, Inside Your Voice (IYV), to over 20 students studying vocally intensive disciplines (i.e. vocal performance, theater, and broadcasting) at the Bone Student Center. At the start of IYV, CSD presenters engaged in dialogue with student audience members about their daily vocal demands over a dinner of tacos, soda, cookies, and other treats. Then, CSD students presented the audience with information on laryngeal anatomy and physiology, vocal health, assessing the voice, voice disorders, seeking help for voice problems, and voice therapy. Students prepared handouts of information and several visuals and videos for use throughout IYV.

CSD students met weekly during the Spring 2017 semester to discuss literature about the topics they would be presenting, and offer each other suggestions for how to explain or demonstrate complex concepts to an audience of their peers. They made IYV a success by promoting and advertising it and creating an engaging and accessible program, all while developing a new understanding of core voice concepts. Currently, Dr. Lisa Vinney, an assistant professor in CSD, and Hannah Sons, a graduate student in speech-language pathology, are researching how this experience affected CSD students and student audience members’ learning and perspectives.