The CSD Study Abroad Program

This year, Drs. Heidi Harbers and Jen Friberg are co-leading the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) annual study abroad experience to Greece. This will be the department’s 5th short term study abroad trip (Australia/New Zealand 2014, 2016, London/Paris 2015, Spain 2017). We have traveled with over 100 students and are really looking forward to this trip!  We work with EF College Study Tours as the company that arranges most aspects of our travel (flights, hotels, itinerary). They have done a wonderful job of ensuring safe and educational trips for our students.  As a part of each of our trips, we schedule one or more CSD experiences with practicing clinicians or university students who are studying to be speech-language pathologists or audiologists.

Why Study Abroad?

Research has shown a variety of possible benefits that come from a study abroad experience – even a short-term trip like ours: a better understanding of the world, deeper appreciation for different languages/cultures, increased independence, and growth in other interpersonal areas such as confidence and responsibility. A recent study conducted by EF in 2016 (n=567) found the following benefits reported by students after experiencing a short-term study abroad program:

  • 70% of students said their program made them more excited about their course of study
  • 60% of students said they felt closer to their professor after their program
  • 77% of students said they felt more confident navigating unfamiliar places
  • 69% of students said they had a better understanding of global issues
  • 59% of student said their program made them feel more prepared to enter the workforce
  • 89% of returning students would recommend short-term study abroad to another student

Cultural immersion is the overall purpose of the CSD study abroad program. We want students to develop a deeper appreciation of cultural and linguistic differences, skills critical to practice as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist! Traveling also helps develops dispositions that are valuable as a professional:  flexibility and adaptability, positivity and open-mindedness, decision making, problem-solving, leadership, time management and punctuality. We strive for our students to learn as they explore the world with us.

How will course credit be earned for this experience?

Students earn independent study credit in the CSD department for their participation in the study abroad experiences (note: undergraduate students will earn 3 credits, graduate students will earn 2 credits)

Grades for the independent study are based on more than just travel. Students are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings to plan for travel, conduct research on an aspect of the travel experience to share with fellow travelers, set personal goals for travel, and write a reflection after travel to discuss what they learned about themselves, their future profession, etc.

What is the itinerary for this trip?

We will be traveling to Greece for 13 days in May, 2018. The trip includes 9 days on mainland Greece (centered in Athens, but moving about the area) followed by a 4-day cruise of the Greek Isles. Details of specific student experiences day-to-day are still being ironed out, but a detailed itinerary for the trip can be found here. Deadline to enroll with both EF and ISU is December 1st.

 What do I do to enroll?

You need to do three things by the application deadline of 12/1/2017:

  1. Enroll in the EF program and set up a payment plan
  2. Apply to ISU Office of International Student Programs
  3. Get excited for an amazing learning adventure!!!!!!