As any good party planner knows, the details can make or break an event. Departments and organizations have been planning Homecoming events for months, submitting work orders to cover all the details for successful events. Each work order is like building a Lego set, as each Facilities’ team use its specific expertise to complete its portion of the work so the next team can come along, in sequence, until all the work is doneThen the reverse happens after each event; each team doing its part to tear down or return equipment to the shop for the next time.  

Did you know throughout the course of the week

  • 887 chairs and 109 tables will be moved.
  • Stage will be set up and torn down twice, including connect/disconnect of temporary power sources.
  • Red lines will be re-painted in tailgating areas.
  • A large number of garbage and recycling cans will be strategically placed on campus followed by the collection of items from those cans.
  • Orange safety fencing will be installed around Turner East Lawn. Fencing will also line College Avenue, between Main Street and Redbird Arena for pedestrian safety, encouraging the use of crosswalks. This temporary fencing will be removed after Saturday’s activities.
  • Up to seven organizations could use space in the Grounds garage to build and store parade floats.
  • Building service workers will be doing extra cleaning all week in buildings’ hallways and entrances as these areas will have more traffic.

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This campus celebration would not be possible without the expertise and talent of the Facilities Management teams, specifically movers; electricians; painters; and maintenance, grounds/recycling, and building service workers. These teams work together to provide a seamless foundation for each of the events planned. While you won’t see these people on the stage or at the center of all the attention, they deserve to be recognized for their collaboration and dedication for the work they do before, during, and after the celebration.