As Illinois State University Redbirds continue to rise, the Career Center is proud to announce the release of its 2017 annual report.

The Career Center’s 2017 annual report includes a variety of information from the 2016–2017 academic year pertinent to faculty, staff, and employers. Learn about the career resources and services provided by the Career Center and how they help students succeed with opportunities to collaborate with the department, career initiatives specifically targeting diverse student populations, on-campus recruiting initiatives, the Illinois State student profile and the touchpoints students have with the Career Center, highly active recruiters of Illinois State talent, and more.

“The data in this report identifies the strong foundation that Illinois State University’s Career Center, faculty, staff, and constituents have built by working collectively to help students gain career success,” said Career Center Director Pamela Cooper.

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The Career Center assists all Illinois State University students with developing, evaluating, and implementing career decisions. For more detailed information about department specific data, contact Career Center Associate Director Mike Minton.