image of Christopher Breu

Christopher Breu

Professor Christopher Breu from the Department of English at Illinois State University will speak on the topic of “In Defense of Sex” at 4 p.m. Friday, November 3, at Moulton Hall, room 214. The colloquium is hosted by Illinois State’s Department of Philosophy.

Breu’s speech will focus on re-positioning the term “sex” in accordance to the present generation. Questions such as “Are sex and gender the same thing?” and “Are transgender and intersex the same thing?” will be addressed in his speech. With the help of intersex theory, gender theory, and other materialist theories, Breu will attempt to conceptualize the term “sex” as an embodiment, which is different from one’s gender.

Breu is the author of Insistence of the Material: Literature in the Age of Bio Politics (2014) and Hard-Boiled Masculinities (2005). His research interests include materialism, bio-politics, marxism, 20th- and 21st-century American literature, popular culture, cultural and critical theory, gender, and sexuality. Breu holds a Ph.D. in literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

For additional information on the talk, contact the Department of Philosophy at (309) 438-7665 or email.