Christopher Mulligan, CHE, was named to the 2017 Power List by Analytical Scientist magazine. Mulligan’s inclusion in the Power List’s Public Defenders category was based on his application of portable mass spectrometry technology and ambient ionization methods to benefit law enforcement activities.

Nancy Lind, and Cara Rabe-Hemp recently edited a new book, Corruption, Accountability and Discretion.

Katheryn Sampeck, ANT, is the editor of a new book, Substance and Seduction: Ingested Commodities in Early Modern Mesoamerica.

L.J. Zigerell, POL, co-authored an article in the Journal of Experimental Political Science titled “Developing Standards for Post-Hoc Weighting in Population-Based Survey Experiments.”

Katherine Ellison and Susan Kim, ENG, co-edited A Material History of Medieval and Early Modern Ciphers: Cryptography and the History of Literacy.

Carla Pohl
and Yvette Pigman, MCN, presented “Implementation of Tooth Brushing in Schools Promotes Positive Oral Health Habits” to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Ali Riaz, POL, delivered a lecture titled “Extremism, Political Islam and Governance in Bangladesh” at the Savannah Council of World Affairs in Savannah, Georgia. 

Anne Shelley and Chad Kahl, Milner Library, presented “Design Thinking in the Library: An Overview and a Story” at the Midwest Music Library Association 2017 Annual Meeting at the University of Iowa.