The students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) joined together in several ways to celebrate Homecoming 2017: Building a Legacy (October 16-21).

To kick off homecoming week, many CSD undergraduate students gathered together to decorate the Speech and Hearing Clinic in ISU colors. Junior CSD student Kacie Ryan, president of the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA) said, “In order to bring the spirit of Homecoming week into Fairchild Hall, the executive board decided that the Eckelmann-Taylor Speech Clinic would be a perfect space to showcase our love for this department. About 40 friendly faces of the NSSLHA chapter came to assist us in making the clinic bleed red and white. It was truly a bonding experience filled with the exchanging of ideas, lots of laughs, and the discovery of creative talents. We are so lucky to have had these volunteers help begin Homecoming 2017 on such a fantastic note!”

Later in the week, three teams of CSD NSSLHA students and department members participated in the Redbird rumble at Hancock Stadium. Redbird rumble is an ISU tradition that happens each Homecoming just for some fun competition. Melissa Jenkins, a senior CSD student, shares her take on Redbird Rumble: “I had a blast playing in the unusual games and cheering on my peers! We all had such a great time bonding together; it was definitely the most fun Tuesday night I’ve had so far this year!”

On Thursday (October 19) of Homecoming week, the CSD department proudly hosted distinguished alumna Sara Neumann. Sara spoke with both undergraduate and graduate CSD students about her career as an audiologist at Hearts for Hearing in Oklahoma City.

Senior CSD student, Salwa Kahn stated, “Dr. Sara Neumann presented an insightful presentation about the collaboration of audiologists and speech-language pathologists. The presentation allowed me as an undergraduate student learn how two disciplines, differing in scope of practice and expertise, work together to provide a positive, effective outcome for clients and their families. Through Dr. Neumann’s presentation, I have developed a better understanding on how crucial and beneficial collaboration is among audiologists and speech-language pathologists.”