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Find your fit

Group Fitness class

Find your fit in one of our many group classes.

In Group Fitness at Campus Recreation, our goal is to help you reach your goal! We offer class types and intensity levels to fit you no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Find a class that fits your schedule with an instructor you love, or take a different class every day of the week if you want. Follow these helpful steps to find your fit.

The first step in finding your fit is to pick your class type. We offer Cardiovascular, Mind-Body, and Strength classes. Cardiovascular classes have a minimum of 50 percent of each class’s duration focused on improving the function of the heart and lungs. Our Mind-Body classes focus on mindfulness, strengthening of postural muscles, and improving range of motion and flexibility, all with elements of facilitating relaxation. Finally, Strength classes have more than half the duration of the class focused on improving muscular strength, muscular endurance, and muscular power.

The second step is to pick your intensity level. Classes identified as low intensity are those where you feel like you could maintain the activity for hours, with easy breathing and little to no sweat. You could carry on a conversation during class, and it feels very comfortable. Moderate intensity in a class feels like you could maintain the activity for hours but with added effort. You will be sweating more, and you can still talk but you will become a bit more out of breath. Finally, High Intensity classes make you feel like you could maintain the activity only for a short period of time. You’re sweating a lot, and can only speak a few words at a time with heavy breathing.

Once you’ve chosen an intensity level, the third step is to pick a class that fits! Group Fitness offers a wide variety of classes that will work for you. Visit the class descriptions section on our website to see all the information you need to make your class choice; then see our schedule to find a class that works for you.