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An Immersive Collaborative Approach to Principal Internships

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Professor Maureen Kincaid (North Central College), Assistant Professor Kathy Black (North Central College) and Assistant Professor Kathleen King (North Central College) presented An Immersive Collaborative Approach to Principal Internships on November 10, 2017, at the 15th Annual Focus on Illinois Education Research Symposium.  The presentation shared results and findings on the investigation into a new approach to principal internships.  The team shared that the purpose of this inquiry was to identify best practices associated with implementation of the State principal internship requirement. Specifically, this study focused on a principal preparatory institution involved in the 2013 US Department of Education leadership grant awarded to the Center for the Study of Education Policy: the Illinois Partnerships to Advance Rigorous Training (IL-PART) grant. This heuristic study focused on the implications of partnering with a high needs district in implementing a full-time immersive administrative internship, specifically regarding candidate recruitment/screening, mentorship, supervision, and assessment support.