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To the Editor,

About the excellent “Days of May” issue (May 2017): You quote at length about George Pruitt, first president of the Black Student Union. George is one of the most distinguished university presidents in America, and one of the longest serving—35 years. He is often asked to serve on important national and international councils.

Thanks again for this first-rate piece.

James Fisher ’56, M.S. ’57

To the Editor,

In the alumni magazine was a very nice article about Judith Boyer, a former ISU staff member for more than 30 years (“Meet me at the ‘Bird,” Aug. 2017). I attended Carl Sandburg High School. Judith Boyer was one of my fine teachers from high school. I am glad to have had her for class. Sorry that she is gone, but happy to see she is being remembered at ISU. Once a Redbird, always a Redbird!

Jerry Zinn ’68, M.S. ’69

To the Editor,

It is so encouraging as an alumna to read the First Word (August 2017) and hear that despite the financial crisis that Illinois is in, the impact is limited at ISU due to excellent management.

I remember being very impressed with the administration back in 2009-2010 when the same financial issues threatened MAP grants and funding more generally. I’m happy to support ISU knowing that responsible decisions are being made to continue the legacy of excellence.

Thank you to President Dietz and the administration for their strategic planning, financial management, and commitment to providing outstanding education, even when faced with great challenges. It makes me even more proud to be a Redbird.

Alana McGinty ’10