Jean M. Miller, dean of Illinois State University’s the College of Fine Arts, was elected to the executive committee of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans and Arts Executives (ICFAD). She has been on the board of directors for two years and will now serve as secretary, president-elect, president, and past president over the next six years.

Miller was elected in October at the annual conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Attendance at the conference included several organizations, including the Alliance for the Arts at Research Universities (A2RU), the Canadian Association of Fine Arts Deans (CFAD), the Association of Independent Colleges of Arts and Design (AICAD), and ICFAD.

Miller’s responsibilities will include collaborating with member institutions to mentor aspiring leaders; improving faculty and staff diversity on campuses; growing international membership; developing sites and programming for annual conferences and international symposiums; and being a voice and advocate for the arts, art education, and humanities in presentations to the Council of Arts Accrediting Association (CAAA) and in Washington, D.C.

“I am honored to be elected to represent arts executives in higher education throughout the country and with our international partners,” Miller said. “That my colleagues have put their trust in me is humbling. I am grateful for this opportunity.”