IL-PART Session II of the Cycles of Inquiry – Train the Trainer series was held November 30, 2017 at the ISU Alumni Center.  Dr. Shelby Cosner of UIC facilitated, and resources were distributed.  The Illinois Partnerships Advancing Rigorous Training (IL-PART) project, directed by the Center for the Study of Education Policy at Illinois State University, represents a collaborative effort between high-need districts and universities that have come together in formal partnerships aimed at transforming leadership preparation and development using a collaborative model.

The Cycles of Inquiry training series was developed by Dr. Shelby Cosner, in collaboration with professional development experts at the DuPage Regional Office of Education.  Cycles of Inquiry reinforces existing school improvement structures and efforts, by bringing new discipline and depth to the work. The process utilizes common structures and roles found within schools (e.g. principals, assistant principals, instructional leadership teams, teacher team meetings, etc.) and provides them with tools, routines, and practices that increase both efficiency and effectiveness. It includes a five-step, action/analysis process that can be continuously refined to address the needs of the specific school, grade level, content area, or classroom context.