What do our students need to acquire knowledge and make new meaning in our disciplines? What kind of literacies do they possess that we must understand in order to guide them on their educational journey? In this episode, we discuss the theme of the 2018 University-Wide Teaching & Learning Symposium, Expanding Notions of Literacy.

Claire, Dana, and Jim sit down and explore just what “new literacies” means and how this year’s annual conversation about student learning will encourage faculty not only to look beyond reading and writing, but also to consider how the perspectives of other disciplines can inform our own teaching. The symposium aims to bring together colleagues from across campus and across disciplinary silos.

Plus, we discuss Claire’s grammatically formal text messages, Jim’s (more learned and famous) namesake, and the important intersection of teaching, learning, and wine.

The deadline to register for the 2018 Teaching & Learning Symposium is Friday, December 15, 2017.

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