The Board of Trustees of Illinois State University has formally endorsed the University’s goal to increase international enrollment over the next decade by working with INTO University Partnerships. The Board also gave approval for the creation of two university-related organizations to administer international recruitment and education programs. The final agreement on the partnership is also subject to approval by INTO University Partnerships.

Illinois State has set a goal of enhancing campus diversity and extending global learning by increasing international enrollment from the current 2 percent of overall enrollment to 10 percent of overall enrollment in 10 years. Through its work with INTO University Partnerships, Illinois State will enhance international recruitment efforts and provide expanded English language instruction and other pathway programs for international enrollment. Efforts to enhance international enrollment will not displace qualified graduates from Illinois high schools.

As part of the partnership with INTO, Illinois State will create two university-related organizations to administer international education programs on campus. The joint-venture INTO Illinois State University LLC will operate the international student center on campus and engage in recruitment and support activities for students in the academic English and pathway programs. Illinois State will have authority over all academic matters related to the center including admissions, curriculum, teaching, and assessment.

A second LLC, Illinois State University Global, will serve as a not-for-profit entity to handle Illinois State’s share of the proceeds from academic programs under the INTO partnership. The second LLC is similar in nature to the Illinois State University Foundation in that it will maintain a separate corporate entity and will operate as an affiliate of the University.