By now you may have heard about another big tech issue, a set of security vulnerabilities called Spectre and Meltdown. These vulnerabilities affect nearly all modern computers and mobile devices. At risk could be sensitive data stored on computers and mobile devices such as passwords, encryption keys, emails, and photos. At the time of this writing, there are no reports of these vulnerabilities being exploited. However, Illinois State IT is planning to mitigate the risks quickly with as little impact to students, faculty, and staff as possible.

What is ISU doing and what can you do at home?

Illinois State information technology professionals are working together and with IT vendors that provide IT services to assess and monitor this rapidly evolving event. If you have an Illinois State owned computer, updates will be managed and applied by Illinois State IT staff as they become available.

We will continue working closely with our IT partners on the application of patches once they have been thoroughly tested. Application of patches is planned to begin as soon as possible. Faculty and staff should be expecting updates to Illinois State-owned computers and devices in the near future.

We strongly encourage you to update your personally owned equipment. Personally owned devices should also be updated as the manufacturer, or in the case of smart phones, as your cellular carrier recommends. The Tech Zone Service Center is available to help with your personally owned devices.