Illinois State University’s Human Resources (HR) is launching professional development programs for employees as well as a Leadership Development Initiative (LDI), geared toward new campus supervisors.

“The Leadership Development Initiative is about offering help and support for those moving from successful employee to successful supervisor,” said Shannon Regilio of Human Resources, who added that sessions will cover areas such as effective communications and meetings, navigating difficult situations and different personalities, and understanding diversity and inclusion—issues that are aligned with the needs of new supervisors. The cohort will also provide a source of networking for new supervisors. “If one of the members is struggling with a problem, this may grow the number of colleagues with whom they feel comfortable reaching out to across campus.”

LDI is one of several professional development opportunities Human Resources is providing employees. In the fall, HR launched a variety of workshops and sessions to interested faculty and staff that will also continue this spring. The trainings include such topics as financial planning, Myers-Briggs and StrengthsFinder testing, survivor support, and a microaggression and bystander workshop. A full list can be found on the Human Resources’ training and workshops website. Though the spring 2019 LDI cohort has been filled, Human Resources intends to offer this program in the future so interested parties should watch the website for additional training opportunities.

“In creating the programs, we knew we wanted to give employees access to a variety of different topics,” said Interim Associate Vice President for Human Resources Janice Bonneville.  “The development trainings and workshops are designed to assist employees in better understanding who they are and how they work as well as provide them with tools to improve and apply their soft skills to their present working environment. At the same time, the expansive financial planning workshops and webinars offered give participants the information and tools necessary to make informed decisions about their financial future.”

Regilio and others in HR are collaborating with the Division of Student Affairs; Event Management, Dining and Hospitality; Facilities Management; and the College of Business on a Training Council to bring a wealth of speakers and topics to the trainings. “We know people want to grow and develop in their roles, and we are constantly looking to secure Illinois State experts to lead trainings,” said Regilio.

HR has long offered departmental trainings and workshops for groups on campus, but the new series of trainings provides the opportunity for people from across the University to learn from one another, noted Regilio.

Find out more on the Human Resource’s programming website, or by calling (309) 438-8311.