On February 3, 2018, Illinois State University will be a host site for the 28th annual Mayo Clinic audiology conference.

This conference is open to all Illinois State University audiology students and clinical educators, as well as offsite preceptors. The conference is targeted to audiologists, students, otorhinolaryngologists, and any professional who works with a population struggling with balance and dizziness. Participants will be eligible for continuing education credits. The cost to attend the conference is $15 for continuing education credit processing.

Each year, Mayo Clinic presents an audiology conference on differing topics via webcast; manufacturers and universities receive the opportunity to host. Illinois State was selected as a host site this year. This year’s conference will focus on vestibular dysfunction in children, noise induced hearing loss, humanitarian outreach, as well as discussion on over-the-counter hearing devices.

These topics are especially important following the passage of the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017, which allows consumers to purchase hearing aids over the counter for certain hearing losses without evaluation or fitting by a trained audiologist. The ISU Speech and Hearing Clinic has a large number of patients who suffer noise induced hearing loss from both occupational and recreational sources. Additionally, the audiology department intends to continue humanitarian outreach with possible trips, both stateside and internationally, in upcoming years.The discussion on these topics will be invaluable to both our students and clinical educators.

To learn more about this conference please contact the communication disorders department at csd@IllinoisState.edu, or call (309)438-8641.

When: February 3, 2018
Where: Department of communication sciences and disorders
Cost: $15
More information: csd@IllinoisState.edu